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Whether you were born with thick hair or thin hair, fine or frizzy, wavy or curly, you are born with the cultural genetics your biological ancestors have passed down to you. But are you born to have the exact hair they had? Simple answer, no.
When I was seven, my hair was the longest at my elbows and believe me, I actually was cute as a button then with the blunt fringe and long locks. I didn't understand the differences of having long and short hair then, all I knew was most girls my age had long hair. When I was ten, my mom encouraged me to cut a few inches off and is gave it a shot. It looked better (except for the natural untamed waves.) I grew my hair long until I was thirteen and decided to cut my hair to my shoulders so I'd get the feeling of having short hair. Before starting high school, I wanted to get the Coraline haircut (a chic bob) and I got it. I liked it until two weeks passed and I decided I wanted my long hair back. So I grew it for two years time and when i was 16, my hair was halfway to my elbows. At 17, before going back to high school (for the last time), I got two inches cut off. Looking back at my grad pictures, I actually looked much better with shorter hair (straightened of course.)
I've been doing a lot of reading online about pros and cons of long and short hair and I agreed with most of the cons of long hair. I don't know about any of you with thin, fine, straight or curly hair, but I can say something about thick hair. I did read the pros but I don't agree with them well like
-No one will question your femininity
-No one will think you're a lesbian (okay, that's a bit offensive)
-No one will mistake you for a man (What!?)

~The Cons of Long Hair~
-People say long hair is easier to take care of, not true. As it gets longer, the harder it is to deal with. It becomes harder because your arms have to stretch far out back behind and that can probably be hard on your back. It also takes LONGER to deal with.
-You have to spend more money in hair products to keep it long and healthy.
-It does NOT keep you warm in the winter (Sorry, ladies, but the internet lies. I have thick hair and I've dealt with hellish winters before. Not even my hair was enough to keep me warm under 3-5 layers of clothing.)
-It can get messed up or in the way on windy days. Like I read in an article online, that "Colors of the Wind" thing isn't real life. Just another fantasy. Unless you prefer long messy hair, go figure for you.
-When you shower or walk around, you have longer strands to pick up off the floor or the wall or out of the drain (I always have to gather all the leftover hair I combed out showering and throw it out in the garbage.)
-If you're an edgy, rebellious type, it can make it look hard to look edgy (unless maybe you know you'll look hot with hair like Amy Lee or Ino Yamanaka)
-If you're a rebel or tomboy (like me) and you absolutely hate having your hair done up (even on special occasions), then there's your problem right there. Plus if you have your hair up and it's tight, it's unbearably uncomfortable. It's like your hair is constricting your skull.)
-if you're a short person (5'0 or below), there's another problem with that image. The longer your hair is, the shorter you appear and/or more childish you look (kinda like a doll)(it also makes you look "cute" and "pretty" in a childish manner and you don't want that.)
-The longer it is, the heavier it is in the back. (As my hair started growing longer, I started to notice a little weight weighing down in the back and I had a bad feeling about it. I remember my hairstylist telling me short hair gives you a lighter weight in the back when I was 14 & she was right. It did feel lighter (almost as though there wasn't any hair at all though.) In my senior year, a girl my friend Aria and I knew named Greta had long hair at the start of the year, then she had it cut to the shoulders or the chin. I asked Greta if shorter hair felt lighter in the back and she said yes. And because I'm gonna be much busier with life, that's one of the reasons why I need to get that Medusa hair.)

I think that's all.

~The Pros & Cons of Short Hair~
⭐️Windy days aren't cruel because you can feel the wind in your scalp much easier and your hair won't fly
⭐️You don't have to spend as much on hair products as you did before. You won't have to use as much shampoo and conditioner all in one go and anything else you use much less of. That's a money saver and a time saver right there. (Especially if you are/planning to live in your own apartment, you should have enough saved to pay those pesky bills & insurance stuff.
⭐️Brushing is much easier (it has to be easier with styling too if I'm right, I never really spent much time styling my hair back then because I was a slacker.)
⭐️Depending on the chic/edgy haircut, shorter hair can make you look hot (I say "can" because it DEPENDS on what haircut you have for your face shape, your eyes and your body type.

⛔️It can be harder to straighten or curl (Depending on how short your hair is. If its 2 inches long, then you might burn 7 or so fingers if you're not too careful and patient.)
⛔️You have to wash it every day or else those natural oils build up. (Long haired girls can go a few days without it looking too greasy and gross. Short haired girls have to wash it every day or close to it in order to stop the nasty oils from making hair look stringy. (Not your issue if you don't mind/like taking showers everyday.)
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United States
Hey! My name is REN, at least that's the pen name I go by. I have a real name, but I'd prefer to be called Ren or Rena (at least for the time being, it's only 6 days until I am a legal adult. (Yay!!! :nuu:) I love my friends and sharing my artistic talents with everyone and I hope to make more friends and explore more of life along the way!). I'm a teenage rebel whom lives in small, cold town Duluth, MN. If you're thinking of living where I come from, then you better change plans because its filled with crazy weather and nature (long story short.) I love to draw and write, I love anime and romance! Unfortunate to say, until I have enough money to move out, I will be going to a community college to study medical laboratory technician for a job as well as my interests so I can become a great well known children's/teens author and actress (and hopefully attend one of the two best rated colleges in Austin; The Art Institute of Austin and the University of Texas' Theatre Department) (I'm seriously thinking of moving to Austin, TX where the weather's fuckin' sweet and live there.) I'm a creative and artistic yet headstrong cookie with determination in shooting for the stars and someday (not only living the life celebrities do) but living a happy life with a sweet, outgoing and intelligent husband and maybe one or three or even five (adopted) kids. :) (I know! As crazy as it sounds, I'm willing to risk it all and take flight for that second star to the right.)
So far, my sequel to "The Secret of NIMH" (1982) is considered a masterpiece and I hope someday to remake the Rats of NIMH and make my sequel into a movie (if I ever do work with animation.)

Best Friends; :iconanarchygunrage:, :iconmemory627:, :iconbaren777:
Favorite People; :iconkatethegreat19:

Favourite genre of music: Gothic rock, alternative
Favourite style of art: Anime, traditional handdrawn art, cgi
Personal Quote: A sexy and dangerous villain is always rated R.

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