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The Fire Mouse by Stitchpunk89 The Fire Mouse by Stitchpunk89
Name; Rachel Neliel Travoska
Birthdate; July 7th, 1996 (About Maka's age)
Birthplace; Ketchum, Idaho
Relatives; Deceased Parents
Occupation; DWMA Student
Race; Human (w/Fire Mouse Abilities (Perviously))

Rachel Travoska is a human being who was cursed with powers of the fire rat, which is rather difficult for her to deal with.

Her childhood was rather tramatic and complicated. Because of her powers, people often spoke of her and mistook her as a "Fire Rat." Due to her small size yet bright intelligence (as well as shyness at times), she is referred to as a "Fire Mouse." She was picked on alot at school; Mostly called a freak, a witch, a monster and a demon. Kids would beat her up on the playground and chant a little song taht went like this;

Little mousie, little mousie, squeak, squeak, squeak!
You may be small and you may be young now.
But when you grow up, you'll turn into a rat!
You'll kill and you'll spill all the thick red blood!
It will flood and you will drown!
Hiss, hiss, hiss!

Then they'll scream at the top of their lungs and laugh. Most of the teachers never bothered to defend her because they knew of her "condition" except Ms. Benson. Ms. Benson saw Rachel as not a monster nor a demon or witch, just a misunderstood child. She knew she would never want to do any harm to anyone (even if they beat her up) because she'd always tell her "I just wish I could shove them to the ground or kick the dirt in their face. But knowing I'd do that, that'd make me a criminal." Her parents understood Rachel's condition but couldn't do anything about it. Even the doctors said she was fine and nothing was wrong, at least that's what they believed. Then one day when on the playground, a group of boys and girls decided to pick on her. The boys started to kick her, stomp her against the ground and pull at her hair while the girls chanted freak and other mean things to her. Then she began to hear the chanting of the song again. Right when they screamed at the end of their pathetic song, she had enough! Rachel screamed to the top of her lungs. When she did, she released her fire rat powers. As she screamed, enormous flames emerged from her body and engulfed everything and everyone in them. Everything and everyone was burned to ashes. When Rachel opens her eyes, she sees the horrific sight before her, terrified by what she's done (even killing the Only teacher who's ever treated her so kindly.) Tramatized as she is, she flees home crying. When she arrives home, she tells her parents what happened and breaks down again. Fearful of their well-beings and their daughter's, they decide to move to Wallace, Idaho. 

All goes well until five years later (She was seven years old when the incident happened, now she's 12.) When two detective agents arrive at the home of Rachel and her family's home, the parents are the ones to answer the door. They tell them about the incident with the elementary school that got burned in Ketchum, Idaho. Because there were no suvivors and Rachel was considered most likely missing, they suspect she's the one who was responsible for burning the school down and murdering the lives of 447. Her parents say that's crazy and there's no way she'd do such a thing because she was only a little girl at the time it happened and she must've been able to get out of the fire on her own and escape through the fire escape window. The detectives are still suspicious; They tell them to meet them at the police station so they can get a confession out of their daughter. The parents are now worried, but the detectives assure them no harm will be done on the girl. Later that night, Rachel is in her room, bored as hell, staring up at the ceiling. Her parents come in and confront her. When they tell her she has to tell the detectives and police what happened five years ago, she refuses to go with them to the station. Due to the previous abuse at school and whatnot, she's fearful of being locked up into an isolated room and being isolated from the world itself. She runs into her bedroom closet and locks the door so her parents can't open it. They keep begging her to come out but she keeps crying out "Go Away!" Then she screams to the top of her lungs and releases her flames once again. The house and her parents are incinerated, leaving nothing but the black burnt corpses of her parents. When Rachel opens her eyes once again, she sees her parents' bodies on the ash ground. She whimpers out to them. Knowing they're dead, she breaks down and laments their deaths, but only briefly. When she begins to hear sirens closeby, she instantly gets up and flees. She runs without stopping as she chokes on her tears. The sirens begin to fade after running some distance away. She runs away from home and continues to travel by foot, leaving the small town.

Death City
Rachel travels by foot for two months. During her travel, she does what she can to survive, by the way a rat would. She was careful when no one was looking. She stole food from restruants, clothes and other basic essentails from stores, she killed those who attempted to kill her. As she's walking along the Nevada desert, she sees something in the distance and walks over to it (dispite that it may be a mirage.) She miraculously stumbles upon Death City (no really, it actually IS located in Nevada Desert, America)(That's SO cool! Squee Bounce ) Curious of this city, she looks around, soon fascinated due to the weird themes around her (the skulls and whatnot.) One night, she finds a small corner in an alley to sleep in (small enough that no one can see her.) She wakes up suddenly to a noise closeby, discovering a demon lurking about. The demon spots her and she flees, but is soon cut off by a dead end. She attacks the demon with her flame attack and eventually kills it. Then it turns into a kishin egg. She doesn't know what it is as she looks at it. When two DWMA students (of course Kilik and Kim) come running to her direction, she quickly flees before getting caught. With no life to live for or no future to look up to, she decides to live her life in solitude, not trusting a soul.

Six months later, Rachel is wandering around the street alleys alone (still dressed in her formal wear.) She's encountered by a teacher from DWMA. She tries to fight him, but loses. Another teacher, this time a female, comes in and restrains her with belts (similar to what Medusa was restrained in when she was posessing Rachel Boyd's body.) She tries to break free from her restrains with her fire, but is unable to. She's then taken to Lord Death. For quite some time, the DWMA has been very concerned of her lurking about and why she was wandering the streets out on her own. Even though she was still young, they were concerned she might be a threat to the academy (possibly a spy of a witch.) Rachel tells Lord Death her story of her life, her powers, how she came to Death City and why she was wandering alone by herself. Unsure what to do yet, she's confined to a cell in the basement of the academy (like Crona was.) On the first day locked up, she refuses to eat or drink anything she's offered, believing they might be trying to kill her. Of course, she gives in on the 3rd day at DWMA. Despite her powers, Lord Death decides to have her attend the academy, believing it'd be good if she can learn to control her cursed powers and eventually use them for good. She agrees with the decision, wanting a better life. On the first day, she doesn't talk to anyone, not even Maka.  She very scared, remains quiet and sits alone during classes and lunch hour. The next day, when she's about to get the final BLT sandwich, she encouters Maka as their hands stumble into each other. She quickly apologizes for nearly taking the last sandwich. Maka just smiles and kindly offers her to sit down with her and Soul. (Later on, it's Black*Star, Tsubaki, Patty, Liz and Kid.) She does so, but doesn't talk much. She just quietly eats her lunch. (When Black*Star starts bragging about his egotistic nonsense, Rachel gets pissed and attacks him with her flame throw (not killing him, but knocking him out) as she angerly comments how people like him piss her off; Those who're immature, egotistic or evil.)(There's another time when she meets Kid in person. When he looks at her and then flips out on how asymmetrical she is, she gets pissed there and attempts to attack him until Maka stops her.) After lunch, she thanks Maka and Soul for being so kind to her. The next day, she's invited to Maka's apartment for dinner where she meets Blair.

Dr. Franken Stein
Some time later, Rachel has started developing some self-control with her powers but is still struggling. She's assigned her first assignment; A remedial lesson. She has fierce powers and a kind heart. Even though she's still struggling with her self-control, it's dramatic enough to know she is ready to be put to the test. Lord Death thinks this could be a good opportunity for her to test her abilities and self-control. Eventually, during the assignment, she tries to take Stein out, only to realize she's not strong enough (after he takes out Maka with his soul menace the first time.) (When Maka's taken out the second time and threatened to be disected, Rachel is overcome by horror.) In the end, she learns the whole thing was plotted out and is outraged, but still tramatized. Intimadated by Stein, her powers begin to lose control from inside.

She ignores Stein at the school, even threatening him. Seeing that both Rachel and Stein actually have similar soul wavelengths (and backstories), Death decides to have Stein be Rachel's new guardian, but she refuses to be cared by him and stays in her cell. Death believes though it'd be good for her to stop the hostal behavior and fear she still shows. Despite being sensitive to the madness, Stein can help heal her since she may be too sensitive to the madness. She still hates the idea and eventually breaks out of her cell and goes on a rampage in the city. While Stein is walking to the academy, he runs into a stampede of terrified people and runs over to see the comotion, which is cause by Rachel herself. They battle each other in an intense battle; During the battle, Rachel tells him how she suffered so much in her childhood because the children, even the teachers, looked down at her like she was a parasite. How she was taunted and kicked into the dirt. She was so small and didn't know how to defend herself from the cruelty reality cast before her. Stein tells her he does understand what it's like going through the hell she went through. Even though they had different childhood, he does understand what it's like being treated as the outcast. He tells her when he was a child, the doctors thought something was wrong with him. That some tragedy caused him to develop his twisted behavior, but that wasn't it at all. He was like most children, curious, yet in a twisted matter. Eventually, her flames go out but she doesn't stop trying to throw her flames at him, which he blocks. She becomes terrified and falls back, but is then embraced by Stein's arms as he tells her he won't hurt her. Aftering coming to a better understanding of him, she breaks down and cries in his chest as he holds her close. After the incident, she moves into Stein's home (which she's absolutely intrigued by (the grey and white colors, the stitches.)) As time passes, she sees the interaction between Maka and Stein and begins to question exactly what kind of relationship they hold. (She learned from Maka that her father use to be weapon and meister partners with Stein until he was assigned to her mother Kami. Then they got married, had her, though divorced no thanks to Spirit's behavior.)(After all, it's not like weapon and meister have to always be married to each other, but why not meisterxmeister and weaponxweapon?)

Now. Believe me when I say this but I am absolutely not interested in writing a fanfic for Soul Eater because from how I see it, the story to Soul Eater looks fine (the manga so to say.) Whoever is trying to write a fanfic for Soul Eater and can't come up with their own OC's or are trying to borrow other deviants' OC's, I give you permisssion to use Rachel Neliel Travoska. Just simply ask me and I'll answer. Okay, good luck you SE fans. Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 

Whatever it is you people suggest, here's whom her English (and Japanese) voice actors would be. She has to have this darkness yet fragileness in her voice like Mamiko Noto did when she protrayed Ai and Masane (while she was in witchblade form) and like Brina Palencia (Like in the scene where Ai was caught and buried alive, that really got me there. You could definately see and feel the anger and hurt Ai felt.)

Japanese; Mamiko Noto (Ai Enma from "Hell Girl" and Masane from "Witchblade")
English; Brina Palencia (Ai Enma from "Hell Girl")

PS: If she were of Japanese origin (whcih she isn't, she's actually of Russian origin), her name would be pronounced Reichieru.

Rachel Neliel Travoska (Stitchpunk89)(2014)
Soul Eater (Atsushi Okubo)(2004-2013)
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She's not to suppose to be (especially when she's attending the academy.)
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